Take Me Out to the Movies !

定番からマニアックな曲までを網羅した必聴の1枚 !!

1. Chim Chim Cher-ee
2. The Way We Were
3. The Days of Wine and Roses
4. My Favorite Things
5. ‘Round Midnight
6. Ghostbusters
7. Moon River
8. Dani California
9. I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing
10. Someday My Prince Will Come

門馬瑠依 / Vocal
保坂修平 / Pianoforte, ErectricPiano
菊田茂伸 / Double Bass
秋葉正樹 / Drums

Recorded by Kazuaki Takanishi
Mixed by Kazuaki Takanishi
Mastered by Kazuaki Takanishi
Recorded at VoltaStudio,Tokyo Japan on January 6th & 7th ,2021

レーベル:Pirika Kuani Records
品番: RMCD004






2021年4月末、4枚目のジャズアルバム「FROM MOVIES」をリリースしました。

今回のアルバム制作にあたり、「Ghostbusters」と、自身の青春時代を語る上で欠くことはできないロックバンドRed Hot Chili Peppersの楽曲「Dani California」選曲したことが大きな特徴となっています。

「FROM MOVIES」がたくさんの人々の耳に届くことを願っています。


The end of April 2021, I released my 4th jazz album “FROM MOVIES”.

I have planned to make this album since autumn in 2020, and I had a couple of gigs to make sounds of the album with the musicians.
I asked everyone in the band to make arrangements of songs from famous movies.
Every members arranged at least one song, and I also did it.
It was interesting to listen to the arrangements done by the band members since each person’s personality came out through their arrangements.

One of my feature points of the album is that I picked up “Ghostbusters” and “Dani California” composed by Red Hot Chili Peppers.
I recorded not only jazz songs, but also other types of songs, because I want the people who don’t listen to jazz music usually to have an interest in this album and listen it.

The biggest wish of mine is that, the album will be listened to by as many people as possible.